“Gain Experience, Learn From The Masters, Be Humble”

A Conversation With The Icon : Architect James Jao

We’ve continuously witnessed the innovation in the world of architecture and interior design during the past years. For those who are planning to construct their homes or maybe, those who are planning to renovate their lovely abode, have you wondered about what’s coming for us this 2022?

The evocative, and one of the well-known premier architects of the country recently visited our showroom to share his own experience in the world of design. Architect James Jao, who introduced the “luxury eco-house” and “The Kite” has quickly gained the reputation of not playing it safe when it comes to designs.

The moment I see them, I absorb their energy, and from that energy, that’s where I root the design inspiration. “

In your design approach, where do you get your inspiration?

I get it particularly from my clients.

It may be their project, but it should be my interpretation of how they feel and what is the character that brings out the best design solution for every project.

Is there an age limit to when should one start or stop in interior designing and architecture?

There are a lot of people from the younger generation that are joining the world of design and architecture, and the thin line that separates designers from great designers is the thin line called experience. Just like a stone, as you are polished you will shine more

“In today’s world, with the advent of technology and social media, it’s easier for people to copy designs, but beyond that, they should evolve to be able to come up with their own character, with their own significance in the field of design. That’s very important to creating your own identity.

What advice can you give to the younger generation?

Gain experience, Learn from the masters, Be humble.

Architect Jao explained the importance of having your own design heroes to help one hone his own skill in designing. He did his own research of his icons such as the Filipino Architect Leandro Locsin, father of modernism of American architecture Frank Lloyd Wright and the European Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Design is always a learning process, from the start of the design project up to to the end. There is no such thing as age limit.

In the life of a designer, you have to experience the different places, the different culture, the different spaces and you have to live in those spaces to be able to create nuances for your next project”

In the earlier years that you’ve been starting in architecture, how did you find your piece that made you say ” This my style”?

At an early age, you can’t expect to identify your own style. You have to go through the process of evolution.

You have to evolve from a designer to a significant designer with your own identity

How would you describe your style?

Iconic. Whenever I come up with a design, I want it to be out of the box, out of the ordinary and it must have a soul and character

A design that speaks when you look at it, a design that tells you who they are, what they are and what time they are built.

Which hierarchy of design do you consider most valuable, cutting edge or eco-friendly?

We have come to the age of sustainability and consciousness on the protection of mother nature has come to our civilization nowadays.

I would go first on sustainability and eco-friendly approach in design because I believe that creating an eco friendly design is also a gateway for you to create an iconic design without sacrificing mother nature.

At the end of the day, as an architect and designer, we need to respect mother nature.

Having seen the Fashion Interiors 2022 collection, do you have a specific item that you love?

I love the Speedy chair made of Raffia because of it’s design and the comfort and how it feels when I sat on it

The patch of the Raffia, it’s hand woven, the natural feel of it and its contour really supports your lower back. It’s a lounge chair and at the end of the day you can just dream there and be inspired.

In your perspective, what makes Fashion Interiors different?

Number one is Design. Every year you come up with a new collection. As a designer, we always look forward to what’s in store for the following year.

I always bring my clients here because I really want them to feel how their future house will feel because with the different settings that you have, they can match their character to the setting you are presenting. Each setting of furniture has a different style.

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