Get A Glimpse Of Contemporary Through The Eyes of PJ Almera

In this artistic dialogue, PJ Almera shares his surreal vision and interpretation of contemporary with Fashion Interiors.

Perpetuating our love for curating intimate spaces by working with artists that are fueled with the same creative passion.

Patrick James “PJ” Almera is a brand specialist, trend forecaster, and an acclaimed interdisciplinary designer in the country who has made his own signature in the world of contemporary design. His love for music, arts and fashion are consistently conveyed in the stories being outlined on his works and the spaces transformed by his own ingenious team, Studio Almera.

“Hello” music video by James Reid ft. Black and White Heritage Horse Heads and Tattoo Girl Paining

Just recently, PJ worked with a number of iconic pieces from Fashion Interiors to style a Pop Music Video entitled “Hello” by the well-known music artist, James Reid. Known for his tasteful way of designing authentic and original spaces, the set was turned into a space full of personality and style.

Considering himself to be a maximalist, PJ does not  allow any specific style to confine his vision and creativity as this is his own way of creating his and the client’s vision personal”.

Love for Patterns and Prints

Inspired during his travel in Milan, where he also took his Master in Contemporary Interior Design, PJ Almera expressed his mastery and passion for progressive designs on one of his latest projects, Casa Fortissimo. It is an array of carefully curated displays of shapely figures, striking furnishings and organic artistry.  The space simply invites you for a long gaze into the space that creates a quiet drama.

“When I’m designing interior spaces, I don’t look at design, I look at music, art, fashion and merge it altogether to create a space”

Casa Fortissimo by PJ Almera

Expressing Contemporary

When asked for his expert advice on putting together a contemporary home from a lot of variation of style and pieces to choose from, PJ emphasized the importance of concretizing the project DNA first and recommends to start with a focal piece. From there, one can get pieces that are grounded in the same category or palette to pull out a cohesive yet interesting look. Finding the balance is delicate to bring out the right impression and emotion in living spaces. 

Marikina Collection by Fashion Interiors


Flair and spirited atmosphere by Fashion Interiors

One of the latest collection of Fashion Interiors is the Marikina Collection, wherein its epitome channels flair and a free-spirited atmosphere, bravely mixing contrasting patterns across a scheme and harmonizing the eclectic mix of fabrics and materials

The designs at Fashion Interiors have always been a way to communicate sensations and emotions. Inspiration is sourced from the world around us and it is this philosophy that guides us on maintaining the delicacy of curating contemporary spaces.