Ways to Style The Classic Chesterfield Sofa

Classic and luxurious, handsome yet elegant; the Chesterfield is a unique design traditionally made in dark leather and moody colors for a grand and masculine feel. Learn about its history and how it evolved to more chic, modern and sophisticated options.

-History of the Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield is one of the most popular and well-known sofa designs, characterized by its rolled arms, low back, deep button tufting and traditional dark leather upholstery. First crafted in the mid-1700s. when Lord Philip Stanhope, commissioned a piece of furniture for his guests to sit on.

He specifically required a striking piece of furniture with a low seat and high back to allow his guests to sit comfortably, but without wrinkling their suits. Stanhope employed a local craftsman to design a suitable piece of furniture, thus, the first Chesterfield sofa was created.

After 200 years of ubiquity, the Chesterfield sofa can truly be called a timeless classic. Whether upholstered in rich leather or patterned cloth, the design has been continuously reinvented to show that it belongs in many spaces other than dusty old gentlemen’s clubs.

Thinking of getting one for yourself? Read on for inspiring ideas on how to style a Chesterfield sofa

-Create your own gentlemen’s club

Avant Garde Sofa

Start with old but gold, Chesterfield originally became popular from being a centerpiece in a conservative setting. If you’re looking for a grand and formal masculine vibe, keep it tonal, sticking to warm neutral tones, such as browns, creams and greens. Add a layer of luxury to the space – perhaps a monumental vase or chandelier – cozy it up with a sheepskin rug or fleecy throws, and add a couple of classic armchairs in chenille fabric or tweed to finish off this timeless look.

-Go All Out Industrial

Avant Garde 4 Sofa

A Chesterfield can even look at home in an industrial environment. It works well in open-plan spaces as it looks great from all angles. keep your distressed chesterfield – in muted, worn shades of green, gray or brown – the more battered the look the better for an industrial style. Go for bare or painted floorboards and a fine shabby coffee table to complete the look.

-Get cheeky with a vibrant shade

Avant Gard – velvet lemon with capitone

Make your Chesterfield the star of the show. opt for a bold color like a feisty yellow tone. Orange, pink or purple will also look funky, and place it across a thematic wallpaper. Reach for complimentary furniture with sleek lines and subtle finishes to make your statement sofa stand out more.

-Familiarize with symmetry

Avant Garde 320 Sofa

Arranging your home in symmetry is a failsafe technique as it is easier to process and symmetrical interiors are often viewed as more restful and balanced than their artistically asymmetrical counterparts. Plus it is the most sociable arrangement you can get if you want to create a room that’s conducive to chatting with your guests rather than watching TV.

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