What It’s Like To Have A Seat At The Table With Ivy and Cynthia Almario

Get to know more about the Almario sisters and how they designed their way to success

The team of Fashion Interiors recently engaged in a conversation with two of the industry leaders in the world of design. Ivy and Cynthia Almario greeted the Fashion Interiors team with a poised presence and scintillating smile as they entered the atelier.

While taking them around, we instantly noticed their love for details and their mastery of fabrics and materials.

Ivy and Cynthia Almario, the founders of Atelier Almario have been in the design industry for a long-time. They started their careers in California and later on decided to move back to the Philippines to share their skills with the Filipinos.

During the interview, the Almario sisters answered our questions about how it’s really like to be a successful leader in the design industry, more so, as a female boss. Read more below for the highlights of the interview.

The Penthouse, designed by Atelier Almario

Creating that “wow-factor”

“It’s a mindset. We intentionally, when we see a project, give it our best shot” explained by Ivy Almario, the design director of Atelier Almario, an interior design firm that specializes on high end residential and condominium work, restaurants, hotels and other commercial projects. She proceeded to explain that their output is always coming from that passion to up their ante, considering each project as a stepping stone towards their personal goal.

Cynthia Almario, the creative director and co-founder of the firm added that “You have to have commitment, you have to be committed to the industry, to learning more about what’s out there and really finding out what will give your client bliss, what resonates with them”.

The Almario sisters firmly believe that being an interior designer involves a lot of interaction and building relationships to fully understand the clients wants and needs.

“In this business, the clients are just the reactors,

the whole narrative is embedded in your head ”

– Ivy Almario

Have you experienced any challenges in the design industry as female leaders?

Ivy and Cynthia Almario both agreed that it is very important to believe that you are equal and you’re good enough.

It never occurred to us that we can’t do something once we put our minds to it.”

It is their vision and how they masterfully combine elements that catapulted them to the forefront of being one of the top designers when it comes to luxury projects. While it’s their attitude of accepting and propelling through every challenge that enables them to curate exceptional spaces.

“Sometimes, it is the challenges that makes a home unique

– Cynthia Almario

What was the mindset you maintained throughout the years?

Positive attitude, making sure that the fundamentals are in place and taking great care of the relationships you have built with the suppliers, employees and clients are the secrets of both Cynthia and Ivy.

The Almario sisters believed that being good at something doesn’t happen overnight and that nothing can be a substitute for experience.

Practice, commitment, passion and the correct foundation are the key to survive the learning curves that you will be encountering during those late nights and the entire journey of being in the world of design.

Watch Full Interview Of The Almario Sisters

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